ZoneAlarm Antivirus Download For Windows 10

In this rapidly growing technology era, while using the internet or any software, virus threats are widespread. Having an antivirus firewall software in your Windows 10 devices is essential to be in a flow with the current technology.

For 18 years, ZoneAlarm antivirus has been serving Windows devices to protect from Malware, Spyware, various viruses, and other cyber threats.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus

ZoneAlarm Antivirus

About ZoneAlarm by CheckPoint Company:

Since 1997, ZoneAlarm is one of the leading solutions to protect PCs from all possible ways of cyber attacks including pishing and ransomware. 

Check Point Software Technologies Limited is the owner of this consumer brand. 

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Download Zonealarm

Available Versions:
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Free Features Of ZoneAlarm Windows 10 Antivirus Software

Below are some,

Basic Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Detection

This feature is to detect virus for any software, USB devices when you insert to any USB port, online malware scripts when you are surfing the internet. You don’t get antivirus feature automatically when you first Install Zone Alarm in your Computer. You need to perform Installation within the software. Install zonealarm antivirus

Personal Firewall

The Personal Firewall is one of the best features I mostly like from ZoneAlarm to hide your Windows 10 devices from the hackers. This firewall protects your data and files from being compromised by any hacker who tries to get into your system.

Firewall feature on buttons

Identity Protection

I feel somewhat sorry to let you know that this Identity Protection features on Zone Alarm antivirus software work for US citizens only. IP feature enables you to help protect you from identity theft and guard your info. If you feel anything suspicious with your Computer or Laptop, you can personally call a credit specialist to validate your inquiry. You can even get victim recovery assistance if some hacker attacks you. Setting Up Identity Protection

Online Backup

You can back up important files like your tax returns, private photos, music files, and other data to online powered by iDrive. This feature allows you to retrieve the data from any location, scheduling the backup process, user-defined encryption keys. The only drawback is, you can only use free space of GB for online backup with Zone Alarm antivirus software. Free Online Backup upto 5GB

Products Available From ZoneAlarm (Paid)

  • AntiRansomware By ZoneAlarm: AntiRansomware products helps users to get back their encrypted data and files from the hackers. If Ransomeware hits your system, the hacker would demand a ransom to decrypt the data. If you are failed to pay the ransom within the deadline, ransom amount gets doubled. If you resist paying the amount, hacker permanently locks the data. By this product, you can easily decrypt your data and files. Price: $1.95/monthly & $14.95/yearly.
  • Extreme Security: Extreme Security product gives you all type of protection starting from antivirus scans to online backup. Threat Emulation is one of the best features available in this product. It scans the file attached to your email, cloud storages, and other online data before malicious files infect your system. Wireless PC protection enables a shield to your Computer when you connect to an unsecured internet network. Zero hour protection protects the system from hackers who are trying to get access. Full stealth mode is a perfect feature that makes your PC invisible to hackers. Price: $59.95/Yearly (5 PCs) & $99.95/2Years (5 PCs)
  • Pro Antivirus & FireWall: This product is best suitable for system and internet security. Recently, a google chrome extension (Anti-Phishing Chrome extension) is added in this product to ensure protection from phishing while you are online. Two-way firewall is available to block intruders and safeguards your data. Price: $39.95/Yearly (5 PCs) & $69.95/2Years (5PCs).
  • Pro FireWall: This product works the same as the previous product, but the unique feature is, it shields the operating system during startup. As general, it monitors the suspicious activity, gives protection from inbound & outbound cyber attacks, anti-phishing chrome extension also available. Price: $29.95/Yearly (5PCs) & $59.95/2Years (5PCs).
  • ZoneAlarm Mobile Security: This product is for Android and iOS Smartphone users to secure their mobile life. Mobile security by ZoneAlarm gives protection from unsecured WiFi connections, ransomware, and SMS phishing.

Installation Requirements For Windows 10 PCs

Before Installing Zone Alarm software on your Windows 10 devices, make sure that below requirements are fulfilled.

  • 32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 1.5GB of available hard-disk space
  • .NET framework – version 3.5 or later

Windows 10 OS requirements for Installation

How To Install ZoneAlarm Antivirus On Windows 10 Computers or Laptops

  1. Visit ZoneAlarm.Com, under the products section you can find various products from ZoneAlarm. If you want to try ZoneAlarm free version of, click on the Free Antivirus or Free firewall (both are same). Free Antivirus & Firewall Products
  2. Download the setup file of size 5.1 MB. Download setup button
  3. Open the installer file. open installer file
  4. Press run option. Press run option

How To Uninstall ZoneAlarm Antivirus On Windows 10

To uninstall any software on Windows 10 PCs/Laptops, follow below instructions.

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs & Features, now choose “ZoneAlarm”. Right click on the Application and press uninstall. Uninstall ZoneAlarm on Windows 10

How To Update To Latest Version

To update ZoneAlarm to the newest version, open the software and find “Update Now” option. update now option

Click on the Update Now, and wait for the software to find the newer version and installs it. updated finished pop up

What Is The Best Product I should Buy From ZoneAlarm.Com?

As a prominent user of ZoneAlarm, I would say you can try its free version for some time and if you want to go with the pro version, choose Extreme Security Protection product.Extreme security is recommended Having an antivirus program is very much needed nowadays. ZoneAlarm has all the potential to save you from cyber attacks, virus, worms, and other dangerous trojans.


Hope, I served the best about Zone Alarm Firewall and antivirus App. Reach out by commenting below if you have any further more doubts or need any help about the antivirus software.

They accept payments from Paypal, and credit cards.

That is all about ZoneAlarm Antivirus for Windows 10 OS. For more info on every product, kindly visit the official website of the software.

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